Club Player Procedure - Please read before coming to play at the Club (updated 15/9/20)

Tuesday 11th August 2020

Please read this before you come to your session at the club. Apologies for the length but it's all important as playing at the club will be a bit different for now.


• If players have any of the main symptoms of Covid-19 - a high temperature, a new
continuous cough and a loss/change to sense of smell or taste - they must be socially
responsible and not attend the Club for their session

• If players cancel PAYP sessions because of Covid-19 symptoms they will be given a refund.
For 1-1 sessions our current Cancellation policy applies

What to bring:

• Players must bring own bat and hand sanitizer

• Players must bring their own water and minimal snacks (there will be no refilling of bottles or
snacks available)

• Players must be wearing clothes to play in as there are no changing rooms open initially.
There is one toilet available to use. Please use the wipes provided to wipe touch points and
put in the bin provided. Do not put wipes in the toilet as this will cause a blockage

• Players must bring minimal extra kit

• Players can wear gloves/mask if they wish

Entering the club:

• Players must have a previously booked session that has been paid for

• Only the player can enter club; no parents or others can accompany them unless they are
carers, and this has been previously arranged

• Players must enter club not more than 5 minutes before their start time and must wear a
mask when entering the club. They can remove masks when they get to their court and are
ready to warm up/play

• If players are waiting in the car park they must socially distance - 2 metres - at all times

• When dropping a player off the driver will be asked to wait at least 5 minutes in car park

• Players will come in through the entrance and wait outside the office window for temperature
check and registration

• Players' temperature will be checked before entering main playing area and if temperature is
high the player will be asked to leave

• Players will be asked to sign registration document before entering the hall

• When temperature has been checked and registration complete then player will pick up one
chair on entering the hall and go straight to their numbered court. Player possessions must
be left on the chair while playing

• Players will socially distance - 2 metres - while in the club at all times

When playing:

• Players will not shout during sessions and keep talking to a minimum

• Players will not breathe on the ball or wipe hands on the table. Plaers can use own balls to
play with if they wish

• Players will comply with Covid-19 restrictions at all times or will be asked to leave the club

When leaving the club:

• Player will put used chair in pile and used balls in buckets before leaving Club through exit
door. Players will not be allowed to re-enter so must take all their possessions with them

• Players must leave 5 minutes after finishing to allow new players to enter not more than 5
minutes before start time. Players must wear masks when leaving courts and the building

Thank you for reading all of this and we hope you understand why it is necessary at the moment. Looking forward to opening and seeing everyone at the club soon!